SGCS provides cost-effective seat leasing as well as full BPO/BPM services in the Philippines.

Expand your business operations without the large capital outlay for infrastructure by seat leasing with SGCS. You simply hire your own staff (we can help source for talent as well) and we’ll set them up with their own work station with a modern Windows 7 PC, high speed fibre optic Internet & USB headset for VoIP phone calls.

As we are still a start-up, our Business Process Outsourcing / Business Process Management service kicks off only upon complete understanding of the client needs and expectations then comes the hiring of the right people to complete the circle. We don’t pool people. We hire according to specifications. We believe this strikes a balance between keeping up with client expectations as well as knowing that the people we’ve engaged are happy and up to the tasks at hand.

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Seat leasing with SGCS allows you expand your business operations without spending a fortune. No commercial leases to sign, no additional furniture and computers to buy, and no renovation costs. Just hire your own staff (which we can also help you with) and they get their own workstation provided.

With labor costs in the Philippines up to 80% less than western countries, and no large capital outlay required, seat leasing is perfect for startup and growing companies testing new markets, or for those foreign owned businesses keen on keeping costs down without sacrificing headcount.

You can pay month-to-month and only need give to 30 days’ notice should you wish to cancel the service. Our office is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We do require a month’s advance and a month’s deposit though.

Our office currently has 3 separate Internet connections, including a primary 15/15Mbps end-to-end fibre leased line, and a backup 300Mb and 50Mb fiber optic line.



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